Back at home, it’s been a hard day at work.
I am free, no one’s bothering me, now.
Just relax laying on my old couch.
But I feel how he is calling me.
And I’m weak, he’s strong.

Chocolate, chocolate. Here I go.

When you’re young, it used to be like a prize.
Years later sometimes it’s forbidden.
But one day you decide to attack.
Then you are caught, you won’t ever escape.
You’re weak, and he’s strong.

Chocolate, chocolate. I can’t stop.
Chocolate, chocolate, melt.

Have you seen my face…
When I’m relishing the dose?

I float, when my mouth explodes
With his vicious bomb
That goes down and down.
I’m getting mad, I’m a slave of my greed.

Love his taste, love it for life.
You’ll want to feel it several times.
Once you start, you will want more and more.
But beware, when the last dose is gone
You’ll go down.
You’ll go down.

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