Going to the last round
Distracted by the sound of clouds
Waiting for a rain of notes
New day
I come here to a new day
Standing on the right side
Fleeing from those wrong eyes
Here I am to feel the signs
That you left when you went back
Cold rain
Standing in the cold rain
Wetting all these dry thoughts
Worried ‘bout my old doubts.
Silly cold day
I wander through this silly cold game
Sailing in the waves of time, time
Diving in the waves of mind, mind
You found me in this strange town
You’ve caught me with your whisper, now
And with your whisper I cry
You shouldn’t wait for me
It’s been magical to meet you
I will keep you in my life
But now, I’m sorry I have to leave
Waiting for the last round
Ready for this deaf sound
Ready for the final sound

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