A Hope in Fate


There’s no one around
You walk on ahead
Feeling the breeze on your face.
You start running to my place
Bringing me everything
You light my night
You kill my beast
You steal the look
Of my eyes
But I try to understand
Why you’ve come so late
The lord of suns won’t let me go
Never far away
I’m anchored til the end
Seven wars in seven worlds
A hope in fate was vanishing until today
You can be strong
You can be brave
But you’ve come alone to fight
Will you win?
I could not bear to feel your pain again
You have sought me around the world
And we are close to being as we were before
We only have one chance to run
Or he’ll never let me go
I want to leave this place that ruined it all
You’ve been my light
You’ve been my steel
And now you’re here with me again
And you’ll stay
Never far
Never far away
Never far away

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