Dream your Dreams


Once in a while
You a feel a blow in your mind
It’s not more than a touch
But it makes you change
So just close your eyes
To let your thoughts flow
Everything is right
When you daydream
Let your dreams rule your life, mate
They’re for you, they are you
You can fly upon the stars
And admire the planet earth
You can turn wrong to right
Or recover what is left
Heat the moon and cool the sun
Feed your hungry heart again
If you want a romance
that never ends
Dream your dreams today
Sing this simple tune
That is played for you
Everytime you dream
Hear it everywhere
There are dreamers all around
Maybe there’s one at your side
And it’s not hard to find
Shala la la
Never, it’s too late
Never, it’s too late
When a dream begins the rise
It’s so hard to stop
If it comes for a second time
There’s no way to escape
It’s in your life
And you hear again this simple tune
That is coming back to you
Shala la la
When you share a dream with someone else
It’s amazing the way you make it grow
And when you get what you’ve dreamed
Then keep it
Deep inside

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