Green Box

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Green Box es el tema principal del videojuego para smartphones y tablets Push Cars – Every Day Jam (RLS Games)


GREEN BOX – Música y Letra: Edu Quindós

When you take a quick look back
It seems to be a long way to the light
You see a black cat staring into your eyes, blue eyes
And behind it only a small spot shines
Then you stop your fight
Then you take these words to sing
When you go off the road
Forget to feel the sun coming home, home, home
And then you call your friends back to you, to hear
How do you play this song to welcome them
Do you wanna stay lonely in this fun place?
Well, you start to think
Well, now you start, to think
When you run to the stars, they say come
They give you all of their hopes into a green box, oh
You want to step outside today
That’s ok
You won’t be lonely today
You try to run to a star, to find a hole there
To drop the shame of your blame, and see it burn
Fools can fall
But you won’t
It’s just a game
What we’ve played
It’s just a game
What we’ve played
It’s just a game
What we’ve played

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